Biologi Radiasi 2024 (reg-iup)

                 This course is an optional subjects that can be taken after students take a course prerequisite namely "Technical Biochemistry" (BID20102). This course has a weight of 3 credits consisting of five subjects, namely Introduction and Basic concepts of radiation biology, nucleus reactions (nuclear reaction), Radiation Safety, Effects of radiation on biological systems, network Radiosensitivitas and factors that play a role in tissue radiosensitivitas and Application of Radiation Biology in everyday life. Lectures given by face-to-face methods (lectures), discussion groups and create a resume, presentation of results group discussions, exercises, quizzes and daily tasks, video playback, and independent tasks. Students are required to attend classes with weights 2 credits and practicum with weights 1 Credit to increase knowledge and skills in dealing with Rad.-Biology. This course consists of 10 subjects with the number of meetings 14 times  (weeks) per semester.

                 After completing this course (Radiation Biology) students are expected to understand and explain the basic concepts of radiation biology and radiology, atom anfdnuclear reactions, Radiochemical and Radiation Safety, Effects of radiation on biological systems,  Cells and Tissues Radiosensitivities, The Factors that play role in radiosensitivity, Application of Radiation Biology and Radiology in our life.